Pokemon GO Guide: How to Catch Rare Pokemon

Pokemon go is filled with Pokemon of all types, including rare creatures which are not easy to get. Read our guide for tips how to make finding rare Pokemon easier.

While we don’t have specific figures, it’s possible that millions of wouldbe Pokemon trainers are playing the smash hit mobile game Pokemongo. These trainers are seeking extensive and far for rare Pokemon, however, many could find it hard to get the stronger beings, designated by red and red bands. Fortunately, we've some tips to produce the method of finding rare Pokemon in Pokemongo a little easier.

Catching Pokemon Each Time

The first thing one should try gets the ring around the Pokemon as small as possible before flinging a Pokeball at it. The smaller the band, a lot more likely the Pokemon won’t escape from the ball. And if the Pokemon does avoid, just hit it with as many Pokeballs as possible before it's a chance to runaway, as each straight Pokeball will make a successful capture more likely.

Crossing their fingertips and that is approximately all higher-level teachers do have more options at their disposal, although lower level players can perform to make capturing rare Pokemon simpler. People could obtain Razz Berries from Pokestops which can be provided to wild Pokemon to make sure they are less likely to run away or escape from their Pokeballs, upon striking stage 7.

Pokemon GO Guide: How to Catch Rare Pokemon

Pokemon GO Guide: How to Catch Rare Pokemon

At level 10, players have access to better Pokeballs in the form of Excellent and Extremely balls. Wild Pokemon of all levels will find it difficult to escape from these balls, so that they come in handy when going after the particularly hard-to-catch pocket monsters. For even better outcomes, you could feed a Pokemon a Razz Berry first, and then begin pelting it with higher grade Pokeballs to ensure it is difficult for them to escape.

Down the road, players will probably have much more techniques acquiring rare Pokemon. Like, once Pokemon trading is implemented, players can essentially be able to give each other Pokemon. It could perhaps be in the best interest of a high level coach to trade a new player on a single team for the point of managing Pokemon gyms a rare Pokemon in the region.

Unique world events, as teased in the Pokemongo statement truck, may ultimately be another way that rare Pokemon can be obtained by people. Within the announcement trailer, it displays a large collection of Pokemon GO people teaming up to take him down, and Mewtwo appearing in Times Square. Now, the truck did establish “Defeat Mewtwo” in contrast to “Catch Mewtwo,” so it’s uncertain if this is a method to find rare Pokemon or not, but hopefully Niantic shares additional information on that front soon.


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