‘Pokémon Go’ Tips: How to Use Lucky Eggs

When activated, Lucky Eggs give players double XP and make leveling up much easier. (Niantic/IGN)"

So you’ve achieved Level 9 in Pokemon go. Additionally to being just a little closer to being the best, the game can now provide you access to Lucky Eggs. As they might want but like almost everything in Pokemon go, the game doesn’t provide people rather as much information about that new piece. So what exactly are these issues?
Basically, lucky Eggs are unique items that provide people an XP increase over an interval of thirty minutes. Like with Incense, once activated, a countdown clock will start, and something the ball player does during these coming units can produce them increase the XP as usual.
That’s the game, and quite a powerful tool just gives you several eggs for free, so you’ll wish to use them as strategically as possible. Also make certain to just activate one when you’re comfortable you have 30 moments that are actual to setaside for the game, not or as that timer could keep going whether you’re playing.
So what’s the best way to get the biggest bang for your sale with a Lucky Egg? Here’s one strategy you can utilize:
1. Go to a location around the place with many PokeStops in close proximity
2. Activate an Incense Item or an Appeal Module
3. In the same time, activate your Lucky Egg
4. Get Pokémon like crazy
You’re making use of two of the game’s strongest items simultaneously, using this method. A Lure Element and Incense Item both will possess the same affect of drawing on all Pokémon in the area to you. Having a Lucky Egg triggered, you’ll for catching a new Pokémon gain 200 XP.
Wait after triggering a Lucky Egg to develop them all and another strategy is to stock up on Pokémon.

Spend these 30minutes coming through all your Pokémon such as a madman, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you levelup even just by developing a whole lot of Pidgeys. It’s for this reason that finding Pokémon you've already encountered will pay off big time. You could theoretically get through about 60 evolutions throughout the 30-minute window, making it possible to acquire 60,000 XP just from the single Lucky Egg period. Not bad, huh?
You may purchase more accepting you’re willing to spend real money once you go out of the Lucky Eggs the game offers you. You can get one egg for 80 coins, 8 eggs for 500 coins, and 25 eggs for 1,250 coins. You will run about $0.99, $4.99 and $9.99 respectively.


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